Trying out APRS

I’ve started to try out APRS, Automated Packet Reporting System. It’s an amateur-radio based system for information reporting via digital packets. Information can be found on the APRS Wikipedia page as well as LOTS of information being available at

There are several reasons why I’m checking out APRS:
It’s a digital communication technology, so it’s more compatible with some of interests.
In the most simple form, It’s very inexpensive to check out.
There are numerous Youtube videos and Web pages dedicated to the basics of APRS and getting up and running with it, and it appears that unlike most amateur radio posts, these generally seem to be posted by people who understand how to post for beginners.
APRS is something that can be tried without needing anyone else in the process. This is a big plus for people who don’t know anyone else in the hobby, and that’s the majority of Americans.

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