MF202 Pre-Start Steps

We found the manuals that I’d bought for the tractor some time ago. Now I’ll need to start going through some of the basic tasks I need to perform before I try to fire it up. At a minimum, I’ll need to check the plugs, replace the coolant, change the oil and filter, most likely change the air filter, empty and flush the fuel tank, and change the battery. That’s just to see if the engine will start. Beyond that, I’ll probably need to replace the transmission fluid, and gently test the hydraulics to see if that system works at all. It’s likely that I’ll need to replace most or all of the hydraulic lines shortly thereafter. That will also involve a complete flush, fill, and bleed of the hydraulic system. Ack.

But seriously, I’d love to get the beast running. If I can do that, then my hope is to start in on at least a full cosmetic restoration. It’d be nice to have two functional tractors.

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