KJR-AM: Home of sexists, Nobody Listens, Time to dump the format

Following the recent arrest of Mitch Levy, the morning shock jock on KJR-AM Sports Radio, some in the area were surprised to find that he returned to work this week as if nothing had happened. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise. In recent years, KJR-AM has seemed to take the stance that becoming the on-air home for sexism, confrontation and ignorance is what will lead them to the promised land of higher ratings. It hasn’t worked out that way. Their ratings have continued to sink ever lower, to the point where now many radio listeners may have been surprised by the arrest of Levy. “KJR-AM? Are they still on the air?” Considering that Levy is the highest rated show on the station, KJR can’t afford to drop him.

For August 2017, KJR-AM Sports Radio was tied for 28th among Puget Sound radio stations, tied for 5th among AM stations. Heck, I didn’t even know there were that many stations here, so I was surprised that KJR could be ranked so astonishling low.

By contrast, KIRO-AM Sports Radio who happens to be the prime competitor for KJR listeners, is 12th overall in the market, and 1st among AM stations. KIRO-AM has nearly 6 times the audience of KJR-AM.

To be honest, from my perspective it seems that KJR has been on a never-ending downward spiral since KIRO-AM just up the dial, switched to the all-sports format. KIRO has eaten KJR for lunch ever since. Just how long until KJR pulls the plug on the sports format? How long can they continue to circle the drain?

Sports stations in general seem more prone to misogyny, sexism, vulgarity, aggressiveness, confrontation, etc., but over the years it’s seemed as if KJR has turned up the volume “to 11” on all of that, tossing into the dumpster any semblance of etiquette, decorum and quite frankly, intelligence.

Some items from the Nielsen ratings for Puget Sound radio stations, showing ratings for the month ended Aug 17:

Rank Subscriber Format AUG 17 Notes
1 KUOW-FM News Talk Information 6.2 Overall #1 in the market, listed for reference. 10 times the audience of KJR-AM
4 KJR-FM Classic Hits 5.2 An FM sibling of KJR-AM, doing great with their music format
11 KIRO-FM News Talk Information 3.8 #11 overall, #2 among talk stations, behind KUOW
12 KIRO-AM All Sports 3.5 All the way up at #12, so KJR-AM can’t blame low ranking on their format
28(tie) KJR-AM All Sports 0.6 Just give up. Last place talk station, except for the few with 0.0 ratings

Check the ratings for yourself at the Nielson site. Once there, select Seattle-Tacoma from the drop-down.

I should point out now that only one station in the market to have a lower rating than KJR-AM had enough of an audience to warrant a number next to their listing. All other stations below KJR-AM simply had an asterisk to indicate they existed. KJR-AM is that close to being rated approximately equal to a high school station.

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