Never-ending Projects and Frustration

Finished patching, priming, and painting the back room, ready to rip out the carpet and lay down the laminate flooring now.(the old carpet worked great as a drop cloth) Except, ACK, looks like the blower in the dryer just went out. Now that moves up to priority 1 on the list. Oh yeah, and got started on the new goat shelter, still have to finish that. The new 6’x8′ shed that will be the new dog house for Bruce arrives on Saturday, then we have to move the dog run around to attach it to the new location. Before the dog house gets here, I have to prep that spot for it so that has to happen some evening this week. So much work to do, taking up every weekend and every weeknight, so there’s never any time to get anything done to get the Spanaway house ready for sale. Maybe I can get it ready for sale by 2025 or so, but I’m not counting on it. If I can just get it ready and sold, I won’t have that $2000/month payment. Even if I just broke even on the sale, things would be SO much better.

Frustration level is building…

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