Name resolution was created for a reason

Sorry, but as an IT professional, I have to say this. WINS was awesome.

There, I said it. I loved WINS. It just worked. You could ping a system name and it would resolve. Every single time, regardless of where in the organization that system resides.

WINS has been basically eliminated in my organization, and now name resolution suuuucks. Many people have complained about the new state of things, and the reply from the group that manages our internal DNS just replies with “use the FQDN.”
Explanation: FQDN is “Fully Qualified Domain Name”
With WINS, we could ping a system by the simple name such as:
Now without WINS, we have to ping it by the full name such as:

That’s not a reasonable solution. The organization is made up of over 30 parallel domains. There’s no way to know in advance the domain (and thus the FQDN) for each system we touch. A lot of time is now spent just trying to determine the full names of systems. I’d love to see the FTE hours being wasted on that one small step. Thousands of IT personnel across the country, all forced to go through the same process many times each day. Is it in any of the three or four domains in the DNS suffix search list on my computer? No. Crap. Ok, I’ll start appending domains to the short name one at a time until it responds. This one? No. This one? No. This one? No. etc. etc.

If you want us to guess at the FQDN, why not tell us to “just ping the IP address”? It wouldn’t be much more difficult than what we have now. Name resolution was created so that connecting to a remote system would be quick and easy. Don’t break it and tell us to “just deal and stop complaining.”

This is not the intelligent, efficient way of doing business. Oh that’s right. My organization isn’t exactly known for intelligence and efficiency, is it?


“Oh, we can’t do that, it would slow down name resolution for some target systems.”

NO. IT WOULDN’T. Set each branch of the organization for the same first few suffixes which they already have. All resolutions for those “local” systems would still be fast. Append all of the other domains that aren’t local. The resolution process would only go to those IF the device wasn’t found in the first few suffixes. This isn’t rocket science.

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