Overall, it was a productive weekend. Hauled the tractor on the flatbed to the old house, with the forklift on the tractor. I needed that to finally move my toolbox to Olympia.

Yes, moving my toolbox requires a forklift. I’m kind of proud of that. 🙂 You guys who are basically professional auto mechanics may not think that’s a big deal, but for me it is.

Pulled all of the Christmas and Halloween decorations out of the old house as well. So, combined with the tool box, the truck was completely loaded. I hadn’t realized just how many tombstones I have. Wow.

We put the final dog window in the new dog house for Bruce, then put up the plywood on the interior, so we’re ready to put up the metal wall protection sheets and cut/install the stall matting. We also got the gravel down in front and behind the dog house, so now the chain link dog run can be moved over from outside the horse stall where he currently resides. Still need to install the door latches, put the handle on the sliding door to the run and some finishing touches, but he’ll be in his new house this week and then Keno and Splash will each have a have stall. Renee was a HUGE help on this project.

Oh yeah, and we finally got the first 1’x4′ LED light fixture up in the kitchen. Ho-Lee smokes is that bright. And I still have to install the second 1’x’4′ AND the 2’x4′ as well. Good thing I’m replacing the switch with a dimmer, or we’d need sunglasses and sunscreen in the kitchen.

Let’s see, what else… Oh yeah, I finally got started on the window adapter plate for the back room so that all the Ham radio and security camera cables can be put in place without cold air flooding that room.

Whew… It does feel good to look back and see accomplished tasks.

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