Another productive weekend

Finished the interior of Bruce’s new house. That involved custom-cutting and installation of the aluminum sheeting to line the walls, then putting down a layer of waterproof roof coating. Followed that with cutting and installation of the stall mats.

Once that was completed, Joel and I moved the disassembled run around and assembled it. Then I attached the run to the new house with steel straps, and put up the run roof.
We moved his heat lamp and bed to the new place and it was ready for Bruce.

After Bruce moved in, Renee and I (ok, mostly Renee) did a rehab of the stall, cleaning it out. We got the last of the dog run pieces out and moved the stall mats that were in it into new locations where Splash and Keno will make use of them.
Then Renee brought Splash back into her old stall area. It had been several years since Bruce had moved in there. So now we have two stalls for the two horses and they can both get in out of the wind. It also makes it much easier to feed them, since we don’t have to schlep out to the field to feed Splash.

I got a lot of work done organizing my tools. They’d been in complete disarray since I’d started bringing them over from the old Spanaway house. With the help of my forklift, I’d been able to get my toolbox moved last weekend, and this weekend was my big push to get things more organized. MUCH better now. Maybe I can struggle a little less when I’m working on something and need to find a particular tool. That’s one of the many things that gets me frustrated and angry with myself, and anything I can do in advance to reduce it helps me and those around me at the time. I think I’m getting better at not reflecting my anger (always with myself) outward at others, but people still shouldn’t be forced to be around me when I swear at myself for being stupid.

Bruce in his new bachelor pad

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