New life for an old tool set

I’ve had a four-tool set of Skil 18v cordless tools for quite a while. Maybe 10 or more years. They’re old enough that the batteries are NiCd. Well, the tools still work, but not for long as the battery loses its charge quite quickly. Meanwhile the second battery would be completely dead because they don’t hold their charge more than a few hours after being removed from the single charger.

I’ve long-since moved to DeWalt 20vmax tools as my cordless tools of choice, so the Skil set has just sat around collecting dust.

On a whim, I checked on amazon for replacement batteries, and found some unbranded replacements. They’re NiMh instead of NiCd, and listed as 3Ah, while the originals were 1.2Ah.

I ordered a pair of them. They’re fantastic. They work on the original charger, hold their charge while just sitting around, which means I actually have 2 usable batteries at any given time, and hold 2 1/2 times the charge of the original batteries.

It’s like these tools are brand new again, except even better. Now to decide what to do with them…

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